Living in the Holy city of Qom was one the most beautiful experience I had in my entire life. How I wish to get the opportunity of living such a life one more time!
Living in Qom is quite affordable; if one spends his money wisely, life becomes fruitful and agreeable in Qom.
For those who travel to Qom for the purpose of their Islamic studies (hawzah), are honored to get some money each month from their respective Islamic Seminaries named as ‘Shahriya’. Furthermore, students, who can’t afford renting a house, can get a house at a very little rent from their Madrassah too.
The environment of this Holy land is very different and extraordinary; especially on Thursday nights which is just indescribable. Words cannot do justice for it. The feeling of the famous Dua-e Kumail taught by Imam Ali (as) to Kumeil Bin Zyad being recited in the Holy Shrine of Lady Masumah (as) is something exceptional and satisfying to the soul, with its huge crowd, in this luminous city.
The best part of living in Qom is that, it makes you feel as if you are living amongst your own people who have the same goal as you, and are preaching the same religion too! Besides, one feels very safe and unjudged when it comes to wear the hijab (Abaya).
Weekends in Iran are on Thursdays and Fridays. For those who enjoy outings, be it with friends or family, Qom is the safest and an entertaining place. There are lots of lively parks for families, children, and interestingly, there are some parks, which are only accessible to ladies- hence, they can be at their own comfort.
Furthermore, the Holy Shrine of Lady Masumah (as) which is never free from pilgrims, is a piece of heaven on earth; it’s a venue where indeed, the heart finds peace.
It feels as a compassionate mother’s house whose door is always open to welcome anyone who would wish to visit her.
In history, we have the stories of some eminent scholars who went to this Lady of light to ask for some help regarding their lessons which they may have found difficult to understand; hence, they would come and ask for help from this lady of light who is known as ‘Karimaye Ahlulbeyt’. Anyone that comes to this Shrine would get their answers and their wish met.
Concerning the transport of the city, moving around without having a car is very easy too. Buses and cab are available throughout the city!
Its seasonal fruits are mouthwatering at a very reasonable price. It has its own freshness and delicacy.
Let’s talk about the bakeries in Iran! The best ever!
Being an Islamic country, we would feel the happy occasions- whether it’s our Holy Imams’ birth Anniversaries or the happy occasions such as Eid thought the year. Whether it be in school or Hawzah, the students would almost on each happy occasion, get some heavenly piece of cakes or any other sweets.
These are the little things which instills in our children’s mind and makes them aware of each important dates whether it’s a day of sorrow or joy.
Finally, I would say Qom is a lovely and beautiful city to live, where we get the advantages of both worlds- dunya and akherah!