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Discover Qom Company initially operated by participating in social networks in order to inform important news and events of the city…

It began to work along with the introduction of the tourist areas of Qom in English, and then in addition to providing important and practical information, It became a complete and comprehensive reference for people who enter the city for tourism, pilgrimage or immigration.

We are now…

We are now proud that in addition to preparing an environment to introduce the city and inform about all the important events of the city, try our best to provide full services for Qom and also Iran incoming tourists.

Here you can get acquainted with the city of Qom and comprehensive and complete information about religious and tourist areas, important city news and know about important conferences, school and university registration and seminaries too. Get a scholarship and services such as consulting and pursuing the purchase and rent of a house, hotel reservation, apply for Iran Visa and Iran’s cities tours, tour guide, plane tickets and the train. In addition, visit the souvenir and handicraft store of Qom online and get it deliveries free from The Discover Qom market in any place of the city Qom.

we carry out the following activities

1- Informing the important news and events of Qom city.

2- Informing important conferences in Qom city.

3- Providing comprehensive and complete information for migrating to Qom.

4 – Introducing the tourist areas of Qom.

5 – Holding pilgrimage and tourism tours in Qom.

6- Holding medical tours and following up and doing all medical work in Qom and Tehran.

7- Holding tours in different cities of Iran such as Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Hamadan etc.

8- Advising, guiding and following up enrollment in schools, universities and seminaries.

9 – Advice and guidance and follow-up matters related to rent, mortgage and home purchase in Qom.

 10-Possibility of buying souvenirs and handicrafts of Qom city online from our store and their free delivery in Qom province.

11-Counseling and guidance and follow-up on matters related to obtaining a Iran visa.

12-Advice and guidance and obtaining Iran travel insurance.

13-Possibility of reserving and purchasing internal and international flights.

14- The possibility of booking a hotel in the cities of Qom, Mashhad and Tehran and …

 15- Following up and obtaining a bank credit card for tourists and foreigners.

 16-Possibility of coordination and reservation of personal tour leader for you.

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Wide range of transportation services. VIP bus, train and plane ticket with reasonable prices, Rental cars and Private transfer and also Airport pick up services.


Choosing the right accommodation is a crucial part of your trip to Iran and providing accommodation is an integral part of our services.

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Organize Tours and Supports the local tour guide, drivers and in one word, trying to make the process to coming to Iran and Qom , Easier than even.

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