Imam Musa Al Kadhim said:
There will be a man from Qum, who will invite people to the truth and great masses of people will join him. They will not be shaken by the most violent storms.

Qum is famous for the Tomb of Syeda Fatima (Masooma) daughter of Imam Musa Al Kadhim (a.s.), popularly known as Masooma Qum. The Shrine and it‘s courts are very spacious. The dome is covered in gold while the Zareeh covering the Grave is made of silver. The pilgrims visit this Holy Shrine throughout the year. On Thursday the shrine is packed with with the devotees. Besides being the place where the Islamic revolution started, Qum is the centre of Religious teachings. It is said that about 60,000 students receive education in theology according to the Jafri school of Fiqh.
In 1969 a new Zarih which is considered as a masterpiece of Islamic art was placed on the grave and that zarih exists till now. In the year 2001, basic renovation and repairs on the present Zarih were carried out. 
The golden balcony along with its two smaller balconies were constructed in the year 925 A.H./ 1519 A.D., when the dome was renovated and the Atiq courtyard and it‘s minarets were constructed.

In the east of the Holy shrine there is a big balcony and because of the mirror work carried out it has become known as the Aineh mirror balcony. This wonderful artistic complex is the distinguished work of the famous master craftsman of the Qajari period Ustad Hasan Memar Qummi. This complex was built simultaneously with the construction of the new courtyard by the orders of the Prime Minister of that period Mirza ali Asghar Khan Atabak.

This courtyard consists of four balconies. The northern balcony of the courtyard is the entrance into the Holy Shrine from the Astane Square, the southern balcony is the entrance into the shrine from the Qiblah side, the eastern balcony is the entrance into the Holy shrine from Iran avenue and western balcony s the mirror balcony of the Holy shrine. All these 4 balconies were decorated in
traditional Islamic architectural styles and it‘s beauty and elegance attracts the attention of every viewer. The presence of a big pool with different angles in the middle of the courtyard and the mirror balcony in it‘s western side has multiplied the beauty of the courtyard. This courtyard was built on the orders of the Prime ministerMirza Ali Asghar Khan Atabak between the years 1295-1303 A.H. /1878-1888 A.D.

The Atik (old) courtyard is located in the north of the Holy shrine and was the first courtyard built within the precincts of the Holy shrine. It has four balconies. The grand balcony in the south of the courtyard is the golden balcony which is the place of entrance to the holy burial chamber. The balcony in the north of the courtyard is linked to the historical Madrassa Faiziyah. The western balcony is the place of entrance to Masjid-I Azam. The eastern balcony of this courtyard connects to the Atabak (Nau) courtyard. This courtyard is small but the presence of beautifully decorated balconies and chambers have made it magnificient. This courtyard and it‘s balconies were constructed in the year 925 a.h. /1519 a.d. on the orders of Shah Begi Begum, Thewife of shah Ismail Safavi.

Balasar Mosque is considered as the most beautiful portico in the Holy shrine where religious functions and congregational prayers are performed. This portico is also considered as the largest roofed building of the Holy shrine. In the year 1338 A.H./ 1919 A.D., the land lying on the western of the mosque was included in the mosque thus increasing the area of the mosque. After the construction of the Masjid-I azam the Balasar mosque positioned between the holy burial chamber and the Masjid-I Azam.



Tabatabai Masjid has a dome placed on fifty columns. It was built in the place of the old Zennanah courtyard in the southern part of the Holy shrine. The founder of this masjid which consists of a grand dome was Hujjat-ul Islam Haj agha Hussain qummi and was constructed between the years 1360-1370 A.H./ 1941 -1950 A.D.

This masjid was built in the place of the former museum of the Holy shrine. The building of the mosque is beautifully decorated with intrinsic tiles and most of the religious functions are held in this mosque.
A REMINDER: These buildings which are called as mosques are mosques only in name and the laws of the mosques are not applicable to them.
The total area of the shrine is about fourteen thousand sq. meters including the Haram, the porches, the halls, the three yards, the tombs of the Kings and the two mosques. The area of the great mosque alone is about twenty five thousand sq. meters.
The visitor‘s feel a state of spirituality and happiness under the shadows of the Shrine. That‘s the miracle of this Shrine which changed Tony Blair‘s sister in law to convert to shia Islam.
The museum, which consists of two floors, contains a good group of gifts and valuable things that have been gifted to the Holy shrine throughout it‘s long history.
Surely whoever visits the museum feels eager to see the Faidhiya school beside it, which is one of the most famous religious schools and Hawzas. This school according to certified facts, has replaced Al Astana school.

This occupies an area of 800 sq. meters with four gateways linked to Eram street east ward, the newly paved street westward, al Imam al Mahdi (a.s.) courtyard westward and the holy shrine northward. Around the prayer hall, short pillars can be found over which a floor is located on a low square. On the internal walls of dome there is an epigraph ornamented with a mixed golden and silver colour and in this epigraph, the verses of the Quranic chapter of Nas are inscribed in Thulth script.

This courtyard along with the buildings situated in its surroundings occupy an area of 800 square meters and has four gateways from four corners, eastward is Imam Khomaini (r.a.) prayer hall, westward rests Ahanchi bridge, northward sets behind Azam mosque and in the south it oversees the newly built street.

This is exactly located under the Imam Khomeini (r.a.) prayer hall, occupies an area of 8000 sq. meters and has been built with special patterns of Islamic architecture.
In this place religious ceremonies and the Qum‘s Islamic seminary classes are regularly held.

One of the great eligious monuments built by the Great Marjah Ayatullah Al Uzma Burujerdi (r.a.) is the Masjid-e-Azam which was built adjoined to the Holy shrine of hazrat Masooma (a.s.). the foundation stone of this great mosque was laid on the 11th zul Qadah, the auspicious birthday anniversary of Hazrat Imam Ali Bin Musa al Ridha (a.s.) corresponding with 22nd june, 1954 in a special ceremony.
Masjid-e-Azamhas now become central place for the students of the Islamic seminaries and most of the grand Marja‘a deliver their lectures in this great mosque which are attended by a large number of tullab-students.

Ayatullah al uzma Burujerdi, Shaikh abdul Karim Haeri Yazdi, sheikh Murtaza Ha‘eri, syed mohammed taqi khansari, syed sadr al din sadr, syed Mohamed raza gulpaygani, sheikh mohammed ali Araki, Syed reza BahaAldini, Sheikh Jawad Tabrizi, Shaikh ali Feyz Meskini, sheikh mohammed fazil Lankarani, Syed Mustafa Khansari, syed ahmed Khansari, Allama syed Mohamed Hussain Tabatabai, sheikh Abul Qasim Qummi, Mohammed taqi Bafqi, Ruhullah kamalwand, Mirza Hashim Amuli, Abdul Nabi Iraqi, Mohamed Taqi Bahjat, Shahabuddin Ishraqi, Syed mohammed Angaji, syed Murtaza Pasandideh, Syed Mehdi Hakeem, Mohammed Jawad safi Gulpaygani.

Martyr murtaza mutahhari, syed Hussain Bodala, Mohsin Haram Panahi, Abol Fazl Khansari, syed Mehdi Roohani, Syed Mohamed sadegh Tabatabaee, syed abdul karim Kashmiri, Ahmedi Miyanaji, Allama syed murtaza askari, Abbas khatam yazdi, Hassan Tehrani, Sheikh ali sadaat parvar, sheikh ali panah Estehardi, Mohamed hadi Marefat.

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