34 year ago the world witnessed overthrow of dictatorial regime of the shah in Iran, which materialized as a result of wise leadership of Imam Khomeini and strong determination of the absolute majority of the Iranian people to get rid of the said regime. Since the revolution which is the third biggest in the history of mankind on this earth, the country had ―independence, freedom and the Islamic Republic‖ as its main motto. So far more than 30 elections have been held in the country. Scaling up in Science, technology and economy in Iran has culminated to increase the country‘s co-operation capabilities in international levels specifically regional scales.


There are few countries in the world that all four seasons at the same time exist. Tourists who visit the southern coasts of Iran in winter, can enjoy very pleasant weather and swim, while in the distance of 45 minutes fly, at the same time cities like Tabriz and Tehran are cold enough that winter sports can be done. This climatic norm from the snowy mountains till the rainy forests and sunny deserts differs and has made an ecological beauty of Iran‘s diversity of nature. Iran with rich cultural heritage and valuable countless natural gifts, could turn into an important centres. Furthermore, Iran as the cradle of the civilisations has the precious treasure of cultural heritage, which has been, remained more than 10 thousand years.
The Iranian style of architecture is unique and creative. Among different Iranian monuments, religious architectures are a significant part of Iran‘s cultural heritage and tourism industry. UNESCO ranks Iran 7thin the world in terms of possessing historical monuments, museums and other cultural attractions.

Women in Iran have equality, respect and the right to participate in all social, political and economic activities. They live their lives productively and with dignity. In pre-revolution era, Iran was fully influenced by western cultures based on considering women as a trading commodity, it was decided to replace this imported culture with genuine Islamic Ideology in which women should be held in high esteem and all their rights be observed.
Women in Iran are active in social and political life of the country and have high Profiles in the official governmental positions. Women population relative to the total population of Iran (2006): more than 52% against men‘s 48%. Number of female university graduates from either free or state universities in the year 2006: 198231 which has had a 208.98% and 13 times increase compared to 1996 and 1986 respectively. Number of books published by Iranian female writers in the year 2007: over 9000 which has had 80% increase compared to 1997. Number of women film makers whose works became recognised in international film festivals out of Iran in the year 2007: 502 which has had a 58% increase compared to 1997.